Ashalata Equine Therapy

  • Horses allow us to see and experience, in the moment, our behaviour.
  • A horse has no ego, is non-judgmental, and honest, which makes them a powerful messenger.
  • They have no hidden agenda's and don't care about a person's position, status, power or wealth.
  • Horses are large, dynamic and powerful creatures which creates a natural opportunity to overcome fear and develop confidence.  Horses are naturally intimidating to many people and to accomplish a task involving a horse, in spite of one's fears, creates confidence and provides for  metaphorical  learning.
  • Horses influence in powerful ways and teach us in ways not found in a traditional therapeutic environment.
  • Their distinct personalities, attitudes and moods, whether stubborn, curious or playful, are a source of pleasure.
  • They require work and in an era when immediate gratification and goal orientated behaviour are norms, they teach us humbleness and patience.  Being completely goal focused blinds us to the world around us and we ignore valuable input and are oblivious to how our actions and behaviours affect others.
  • More importantly, they have the ability to mirror exactly what human body language is telling them and the lesson to be learned is that if we change ourselves the horses respond differently.
  • There is something spiritual about the horse-human bond and the energy involved.
  • Horses are perceptive and have a unique sense of awareness which allows them the ability to sense underlying emotions.  They are attuned to those around them and this makes them perfect co-facilitators to help people learn about themselves and others perceptions of them.
  • They are masterful at teaching life's lessons and assisting us to make the core changes in the way we approach our lives.


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