Ashalata Equine Therapy

It is common for people to have a love and fear of horses.  We offer Horse Play for those who don't require a therapeutic intervention and do not desire to experience horse riding,  If you would like to make a new 6ft friend come and join us for an hour of Horse Play.  No horse riding is done but you will get an experienced horse specialist and a horse to spend time with.  Get to learn about normal horse behaviour, interact with the horse within your comfort zone, groom and spoil your horse and leave with your love of horses intact, a great sense of achievement and your fears diminished.  

Mane Event 

Youth and School Programmes

EAGLE can identify and build on the strengths of learners in order to affirm their uniqueness and ensure all learners experience success in the desired learning area. A skills development programme.

These life skills and growth areas also form part of the Life Orientation curriculum.

Growth and Learning areas:

  • substance abuse and peer pressure
  • diversity of cultures, beliefs and value systems
  • discrimination of gender and race
  • tolerance and respect
  • discipline
  • relationship dynamics
  • responsibility and accountability
  • problem solving
  • self empowerment through the development of self awareness
  • commitment
  • time management and planning
  • resilience
  • adjustment to change
  • anger management
  • assertiveness
  • decision making
  • creativity
  • goal setting
  • communication
  • enhancement of self esteem and confidence
  • conflict resolution and negotiation
  • boundary setting
  • leadership

Healing Reins

Individual - Family - Couples

Family or Friends of substance Abusers 


Support and therapy for the following areas:

  • personal challenges
  • grievance
  • emotional trauma
  • relationship difficulties
  • parenting concerns
  • family dynamics
  • co-dependant relationships
  • life challenges
  • anger management
  • stress management
  • Divorce
  • school issues


Herd Dynamics

Corporate and  Team Building

For leaders, sports teams and corporates.

Develop your herd through the power of the horse in an innovative, challenging, fun and motivating alternative.

Discover team dynamics.

Designed to address:

  • diversity
  • leadership
  • communication
  • Goal setting
  • Problem solving
  • decision making
  • embracing challenges
  • recognise personal strengths
  • conflict management
  • alignment in team thinking
  • collaboration
  • time management
  • stress management
  • creativity

This is teambuilding for everyone.

Equine Assisted Team Building creates significant learning moments that are applicable and transferable to one's professional and personal life.

EAL creates the opportunity for  teambuilding to be creative, to coordinate efforts, to develop clear expectations and to collaborate competencies through ground based activities.

Sessions are planned to suit your requirements and budget.

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