Ashalata Equine Therapy


Horse Power   

Equi-coaching for individuals 

Assisting individuals to find the energy and balance in life to assist in personal and professional growth.

Equi-coaching is a unique approach to the coaching process.  The horses provide immediate feedback and insights, allowing a person to learn quicker and move faster in the development process.

Ashalata is of the belief that each person has their own answers and  is creative and resourceful.  Equi-coaches support clients to create the shifts that are important to them in connecting to their goals and growth.  Ashalata will facilitate in the growth and awareness needed to create lasting and meaningful changes in a clients life.

Benefits of Equi-coaching

  • Enhance communication skills
  • Recognise limiting behaviour and learn how to change them
  • Find new ways to achieve goals
  • Discover what you love to do
  • Shed beliefs, behaviours and attitudes that no longer serve you
  • Clarify your future direction
  • Increase awareness of self
  • Enhances quality of life


All the Equi-coaching programmes are individualised, offered as individual or packaged sessions and support a One-on-One learning process.

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