Ashalata Equine Therapy


Ashalata aims to provide a professional and innovative  service that will empower people through the spirit of the horse.   A powerful approach that has an incredible impact on the lives of all who experience itThe horse is respected for his power and freedom. The intuitive nature of the horse helps to show us to share, learn and grow without restriction.

We believe that through the process of building relationships with animals, and the natural environment, an individual can come to know the self better.  This process also allows individuals, or groups, to develop and improve communication with others and to manage the expression of feelings with greater clarity.

Ashalata is  committed to setting the standard of professional excellence in how horses and humans work together to improve the quality of life and mental well being of individuals.


We uphold strong values of:

  • professionalism
  • integrity
  • confidentiality
  • safety of all participants, human and animal
  • respect for all
  • personal growth and learning
  • responsibility


It is important to us that we provide a safe environment in which to:

  • discover and nurture strengths, interests and talents
  • support effort toward change
  • establish consistent and stable relationships
  • improve interpersonal skills
  • enhance self-worth and empowerment
  • identify and develop individual learning styles
  • gain knowledge, life, communication and coping skills

Ashalata also has a social responsibility programme that affords the disadvantaged an opportunity to experience equine growth and learning.

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